1" Diameter Combat Rings-Safariland

    1" Diameter Combat Rings

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      CR-KIT01 - SureFire Combat Rings solve two major problems tactical professionals have long faced when pairing a tailcap-activated flashlight with a handgun: (1) they minimize flashlight deployment time by providing an easy-to-grab non-slip hold and (2) they allow a shooter to securely hold and activate a flashlight without compromising sound shooting fundamentals. Combat rings slide over any one inch diameter tailcap, enabling a shooter to activate the flashlight with his or her knuckle, using the Graham Method. Combat Rings are also unobtrusive and don't interfere with a shooter's ability to reload or perform other basic shooting maneuvers. They are sold in sets of three. Each Combat Ring kit includes a Combat Ring, a Combat Hook, and a Combat Loop allowing a shooter to choose the ring that best meets his or her needs. Made from a durable polymer core and a neoprene overmold, patent-pending Combat Rings effectively allow the pairing a handgun with a flashlight in low-light situations.

      Fits: Flashlights with a one-inch tailcap

      • Fits: 6P, 6PL, 6PD, 9P, G2, G2L, G3,G3L, U2, Kroma
      • Sold in sets of three
      • Durable polymer core
      • Non-slip neoprene
      • Graham Method instructions included

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