Fore End Rail Kit, 50-Pack-Safariland

    Fore End Rail Kit, 50-Pack

    Product Code: RK-M4-50P
    • Black
    • 50 Pack

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      • Allows for quickly attaching 3 rails to the forward end of an AR-15, M4 or M-16 rifle without removal or modification of the existing forearm
      • Can attach 2 accessories on the upper forearm and 1 accessory to the bottom rail such as lights, lasers, IR, cameras, bipods, or forward grips
      • Features a 45 degree offset on the upper rail mounts to allow for clearance for an illumination device such as a flashlight or laser, without interference with the front sight
      • Provides a comfortable grip on the existing forearm surface as it does not cover the entire forearm
      • Polymeric design eliminates the sharp points and edges typically found on metallic rail attachments.
      • Injection molded polymer is lightweight and economical, costing a fraction of a metal Picatinny forearm

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